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Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital in Education Technology

In this lecture at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford, Sergio Monsalve, discusses the megatrends in education technology and what has led to these inventions and what will continue to fuel massive innovation in this sector.  He first explains the mega forces in technology that are creating this type of innovation in the educational industry.  He describes data and technology as true forces for innovation and he explains "ideas I'd like to fund".  This video is great for potential students of his course to get a better idea of how to analyze potential new startups in the sector.

October 5, 2022

Introduction to Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program

The Entrepreneur-in-Residence Program, which launched in 2018, will bring one accomplished entrepreneurial leader to campus for a year at a time to provide mentorship and guidance to the GSE community on social impact, business strategy and design, and to help connect investors and other edtech executives with researchers.

The EIR program also serves to convene experts in the area of educational entrepreneurship. The EIR will lead various seminars, workshops and conferences to share real-world experiences with the GSE community and create development and engagement opportunities with relevant leaders.

May 24, 2018

Harvey Mudd Annenberg Speaker: The Value of an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Sergio Monsalve, venture partner at Norwest Venture Partners, discusses why an entrepreneur is a special kind of leader who possesses unique skills and characteristics. This mindset is essential for all effective leaders in today’s rapidly changing environment. Monsalve defines the entrepreneurial mindset, describe its importance in the context of our future and offer suggestions on how we all can develop it. Monsalve spoke on March 27, 2018, as part of the Annenberg Leadership and Management Speaker Series at Harvey Mudd College.

March 27, 2018

Bridging The Gap between Educators and Entrepreneurs

Exciting career opportunities exist in some of the most transformational education technology (edtech) startups in Silicon Valley, and many new disruptive edtech products and services are launching at record pace. While these early stage startups and established organizations may have some skilled technical and business talent, we know that they absolutely need the analytical skills, research discipline, learning science, and knowledge that Stanford graduates have. This means that if you are interested in education, you could have an opportunity to shape one of these companies and make an enormous impact early in your career. This discussion is helpful to anyone at Stanford interested in learning more about careers in entrepreneurial companies that use technology to help improve education.

May 15, 2018