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EDUC 295 / GSBGEN 591: Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Education Technology Seminar

The last several years have created significant challenges and opportunities in education; there has never been a more pressing and urgent need in our history to foster entrepreneurship in education by leveraging new technologies. This course will help you develop the skills and strategies necessary to effectively create and evaluate educational services and education technology startups much like educators, entrepreneurs, philanthropists, and venture capital investors do. Some questions we will discuss include: How do entrepreneurs, educators, and VCs evaluate and grow successful education and edtech startups? Why do most startups in edtech fail, and what are the key ingredients for success, especially in today's challenging times? What does it take to get venture capital financing in edtech? Each week will feature a different edtech entrepreneur as a guest speaker; these leaders hail from a variety of innovative for-profit and non-profit education technology startups. As we hear from the speakers, we'll evaluate all aspects of their invention, particularly in the context of emerging distance learning and hybrid learning trends. A fundamental question we'll explore in this course is how educators and technologists can better collaborate to leverage the scale and impact of technology to improve educational equity and access. This course will be taught in person and attendance at each session is required. The maximum capacity is 70 students. Juniors, Seniors and graduate students of all Stanford schools are welcome.